• How Much Can I Sell My Diamond Ring For in Essex?

    Sell My Diamond Ring For in Essex

    There are many reasons why people often decide to ‘sell my diamond ring’. You may want to sell your diamond ring simply because you don’t love the ring any more. Or, you are prepared to move on from a broken relationship or, want to raise some extra cash. Whatever might be the reason, selling a diamond ring in Essex or anywhere in London can be more comfortable than ever. Why? Today, there are many jewellery buyers including trustworthy pawnbrokers Essex who you can sell your ring to without any hassle. 

    However, if you ask ‘How much can I sell my diamond ring for?’ it can have a virtually complicated answer. Here are some of the diamond rings selling questions that can help you in getting your answer. Have a look!

    How are diamond rings valued?

    While you choose to sell a diamond ring in Essex, it is essential that you have a comprehensive understanding of how diamond rings are priced. The factors that determine the value of a diamond ring include:

    - The quality and type of the centre stone
    - Certificate
    - Metal type in the band
    - Brand and Age of your ring
    - Wear

    The Center Stone

    The overall value of your diamond ring will significantly depend upon its central stone. Does it have a diamond, ruby or an emerald? What is the cut grade of the diamond in your ring? 

    Gemologists use defined standards to assess a diamond’s type and quality. And, they are the 4C’s of a diamond – Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity.

    A diamond expert will evaluate the accurate value of the centre stone, based on these characteristics. Eventually, he/she will calculate the overall price of your diamond ring. 

    Diamond certificate

    If your diamond ring comes with GIA certified diamonds, it is likely to fetch you a higher price. The reason is the certificate assures the buyer about the quality of the gemstones. However, the resale value may vary according to different diamond grading laboratories. 

    Alternatively, if you do not possess a certificate, your local pawnbrokers in Essex will take a quick look at your ring and assess its diamond’s quality. 

    Metal type in your ring’s band

    Is the band of your ring made of 14ct white gold or platinum? Or, is it made with 18ct yellow gold?

    The type of metal that makes up your ring’s band will indeed influence its resale value. However, the price of precious metals like gold, platinum or white gold fluctuates almost daily. Thus, it often becomes pretty challenging to estimate an accurate value of a diamond ring.  

    Brand and Age of your Ring 

    Diamond rings of certain popular brands like Cartier, and Tiffany & Co. hold a higher resale value in comparison to others. 

    - Besides, if you retain the original box and paper of your diamond ring, they may significantly influence its overall value.

    - Although rings of designer brands tend to sell more conveniently than others, it does not mean you cannot sell your non-branded diamond ring. 
    However, the price for which you can sell your diamond ring may also depend on its age. 

    - If your diamond ring is between 20 and 100years old, it will be considered as ‘vintage’. And, it may put a positive impact on the price that leading Essex pawnbrokers are willing to offer for your ring.

    - Rings that are older than 100 years are regarded ‘vintage’. And, this can also make your asset more valuable.


    If your diamond ring shows any signs of wear and tear like scratches or missing side stones, it can cause a significant cutback on its resale value. 

    Does where I sell my Diamond ring affect the price?

    Although there are many places where you can choose to sell your ring, finding a reliable jewellery buyer can be a daunting process. However, choosing a trusted pawnbroker to sell your asset is prime-requisite. Why? 

    This is because where you sell your diamond ring is likely to bestow a significant impact on the price you will obtain for the asset. Professional pawnbrokers in Essex work with jewellery experts who have the necessary expertise and market knowledge to make a competitive offer. 

    Whether you choose to sell your diamond ring to a high street jewellery shop or the leading pawnbrokers Essex, you will not retrieve what you originally paid for buying the ring. The value of diamonds does not usually increase with time. Like cars, a diamond’s value decreases once it leaves the showroom. 

    However, with a trustworthy pawnbroker Essex, the process of selling a diamond ring can be more convenient. And, you can expect to obtain a fair and ideally, the best market price of your asset. 

    Want to ascertain the price you can sell your diamond ring for, right now?

    If you want to know how much you can sell your diamond ring for instantly, walk straight into the shop of your local pawnbroker in Essex with your asset. Their in-house jewellery experts will assess every aspect of your ring precisely.

    You can rest assured that you will receive an accurate assessment of your diamond ring’s value and eventually, a competitive offer on the spot. Accept it and get paid immediately.
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