• Why Swiss Watches Are Popular?

    Swiss watches are popular, and people tend to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on ‘Swiss-made’ watches. When people can purchase a cheap timepiece for under £20, you may wonder why people decide on a Swiss watch. What makes ‘Swiss-made’ timepieces so enticing? Switzerland is famous for two things; one is chocolate and second, celebrated watches. However, for centuries Swiss watches have been revered for their commitment to premium quality, artisanal craftsmanship and luxury status. Indeed, you are likely to obtain a higher resale value when selling your Swiss watch to professional and trustworthy pawnbrokers Essex

    In today’s blog, let’s explore the reasons why Swiss watches are the best and world-renowned.

    Rich Horological History

    One of the significant reasons why Swiss-made watches are popular is their rich horological history. The art of watchmaking has extinct in many parts of the world, except Switzerland. It might not be the first country to produce wristwatches, but Switzerland has been the most determined and ambitious country for centuries. 

    Swiss watch manufacturers have dedicated their careers to prosper in timekeeping excellence as well as have chased horological innovation. The water-resistant watch and perpetual calendar are some of the most significant innovations made possible by the luxury Swiss watchmakers like Rolex and Patek Philippe. 

    Imposing Craftsmanship

    Swiss watches are also significantly popular due to their top-notch craftsmanship and notion of continuous refinement. High-quality materials like 18ct gold, titanium and sapphire crystals are used to make Swiss watches to ensure reliability and outstanding accuracy. 

    The watch ‘movement’ that enables the watch to function is built up of small components that have to fit and operate flawlessly in unison. While the Swiss Watchmakers typically devote long years to fabricating complex movements using many complications and superior quality components, a luxury Swiss watch can last for many generations. Thus, if you want to raise instant cash, you can choose to sell your luxury watch to reliable pawnbrokers in Essex or Essex pawnbrokers and get the best possible price for it. 

    Luxury Look

    Swiss-made watches not only illustrate the superior quality and masterful craftsmanship but also come with a luxurious look. The watch manufacturers put a lot of effort into designing an excellent looking watch that is innovative and classic at the same time. While the Swiss watches are made using high-quality elements, they possess a great appearance. 

    For example, Breguet uses premium quality solid steel and silver to offer its watches a luxurious look, whereas, Audemars Piguet utilises golden screws in their Royal Oaks models. 

    Retain their Value

    A Swiss watch evokes sophistication, luxury as well as status. While watch enthusiasts are willing to pay a higher price for a Swiss-made watch, potential watch buyers or trustworthy pawnbrokers in Essex often ensure to offer a premium price for the Swiss watches in good condition. The fact is that luxury watches keep hold of their value better than mass-produced cheaper watches. 

    Due to exclusivity, distinguished reputation, durability and meticulous craftsmanship, luxury watches tend to retain their value with age in the second hand market. However, specific brands like Rolex outdo in maintaining their watches’ value. Rolex watches are crafted expertly and eventually, have tight production as well as higher demand in the luxury watch industry. 

    How can you sell a luxury Swiss watch?

    For those who are looking to sell luxury watches in Essex for cash, get in touch with your trustworthy local pawnbrokers Essex and obtain the best possible price for your asset. Selling watches to a reliable local pawnbroker is always straightforward and hassle-free. You can simply walk into the shop of your pawnbroker with the timepiece you are interested in selling. The pawnbroker will assess every aspect of your watch precisely and make you an offer on the spot.
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