• Vintage Rolex Red Submariner Ref 1680 – A Military Tool Watch

    Rolex Submariner is ideally the brand’s most famous line of watches that gets decent attention from contemporary aficionados as well as vintage collectors. Although the watch’s design has hardly changed since its debut in 1954, Submariner watches, particularly the well-preserved vintage models often acquire the most attention and fetch the highest prices. If you own aRolex Submariner and want to raise instant cash, you can use your luxury watch as collateral and take out a pawn loan from trustworthy pawnbrokers in Romford or anywhere within the Essex. 

    However, allRolex Submariner references are not considered equal. It is some subtle differences between them that consequently accounts for thousands of pounds at auction. While some collectors typically look for models that were first or (maybe, the last) to sport a particular characteristic, others may seek out references with a slight variation that makes them unique. 

    If a timepiece satisfies both these requirements like theRolex Red Submariner Ref 1680, it is indeed going to be a target for watch enthusiasts across the world. 

    Rolex Submariner 1680 – Key Features

    The vintageRolex Submariner Reference 1680 features the brand’s 26-jewel calibre 1575 movement. The watch flaunts a 40mm stainless steel case that provides wearers with 200m of water resistance. However, some of the early references ofRolex Submariner 1680 sport a movement that is imprinted on the lower bridge as a calibre 1570. However, while the movement comes with the addition of a date complication, it is actually the calibre 1575. 

    Manufactured between 1969 and 1979, theRolex Red Submariner 1680 was ideally the first Submariner line of timepieces to feature the date complication and the Cyclops magnification. However, very few of the earliest 1680 references had the name ‘Submariner’ printed in ‘red’ instead of white on the dial. 

    While Rolex produces Red Submariners in limited numbers, they are considered to be rare and sell typically for significantly more compared to the references with white text.  However, Rolex used to replace Red Submariners’ damaged dials with the white-ink dials during servicing. Thus, the rarity of these watches increased more over the years. 

    Achieving the Tool-Watch Status

    Rolex Submariner was not initially considered as a luxury asset. Instead, the watch was regarded as a precision time-keeping device, preferred by professional scuba divers as well as members of the military. WhileRolex Submariners were recognised as a tool watch, many early references received a considerable amount of abuse. Moreover, a virtually small number of these timepieces could manage to retain their original parts. 

    A young U.S Mariner in 1969 purchased a newRolex Red Submariner Ref 1680 from an authorised dealer in San Francisco, California. He wore the watch entire time during the Vietnam War while being stationed in the Philippines. The watch accompanied him faithfully until his retirement in 1984. After retirement, he continued to wear his Red Submariner as a timekeeping device. 

    The Mariner wore the watch for many years on various sailing and diving excursions. Despite its persistent use and age, the timepiece remained in excellent condition, retaining most of its original parts. However, the black finish on the aluminium bezel inserts gradually faded to a beautiful, light blue-grey colour. Moreover, the dial’s original luminous tritium-based hour markers remained untouched, enabling to develop a bright orange cream-coloured patina. 

    The case and lugs are thick and beautiful without any sign of over-polishing. The knurling on the bezel’s edge and the crown is yet very well-defined. 

    Why are vintage Rolex Submariners so treasured?

    There are virtually a small number of vintageRolex Submariners that retain their original parts. Rolex has initially been a manufacturer of high-quality tool watches. Thus, most of the earlier Submariner watches met up the needs of military personnel or of those whose profession required a highly reliable and durable watch. While many vintage Rolex Submariners are known to live a rough life throughout the decades, most of them have lost some of the original parts. 

    A significant reason why people typically choose to collect vintage Rolex models over the contemporary ones is due to the compelling history that old second hand watches bear with them. A vintage timepiece indeed carries something more than merely the design and monetary significance. 

    TheRolex Red Submariner Ref 1680 is one of the most iconic and coveted Rolex watches. Ideally, it is firstRolex Submariner to have a contemporary date-display complication. However, the well-documented history of this Red Submariner watch clearly shows why only a few of these timepieces is still today in its original condition. Moreover, the story offers an additional historical context to this watch as well as its intended use – as a tool watch rather than a luxury item.   

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